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Minor Details is a collection of 16  tracks, all but three penned by Razor Hill band members. All three members demonstrate their considerable vocal strengths and Lauren Smith weighs in with very adroit and energetic fiddling. 

Rounding out the collection are The Wind and Rain, a classic tale of sibling rivalry,  Wayfaring Stranger, a beautiful old hymn and Limerock, a delightful Texan fiddle tune. 

The CD was produced by Razor Hill and Jeff Covert, the latter of whom recorded and engineered the project. Jeff is also owner of Wally Cleaver's Recording, Fredericksburg, Va., where the project was recorded. 

Cover art was afforded by Annamaria Ward and photography by Aaron Cabitto. Art direction by Jim and Matthew Lawrence. Printing and reproduction by Atomic Disc. 

Have my copy. DO YOU? It is some beautiful folk music. The playing and vocals and harmonies are outstanding. LOVE IT and you will too!

                                                                                                    Mary Jane Ghee, Lynchburg, Va. 

The tunes

The Wind and Rain - The classic tale of sibling rivalry. This appears to be an American version of a Scottish folk tune dubbed The Twa Sisters as compiled by  James Francis Child. According to an entry on, the oldest printed version of the song dates to 1656. 

Bowling for Grits - One of Lauren's rollicking fiddle tunes!

Virginia Summer Day - Jim recounts a lovely spring day on the Rappahannock River, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Limerock - A lively American fiddle tune, believed to have originated in the great state of Texas. 

Snapshots - Holly revisits Fourth of July holidays spent at her grandmother's house. 

Smile - Lauren speculates on a possible relationship. 

Will O' the Wisp/Turkey Shoot - A pair of high-steppin' reels from Lauren. 

Cancion del Tonto - A Latin tinged offering regarding the suspicious activities of a questionable acquaintance. Song by Lauren. 

Catch the Cricket -Another delightful fiddle tune by Lauren. 

Highway 81 Revisited - A trip to Southwest Virginia has melodies swirling in Jim's head, and it comes out like this!

Icarus - Learning life the hard way. By Lauren. 

Wayfaring Stranger - With the help or Jim's banjo and Lauren's ethereal fiddle, Holly puts her personal stamp on this haunting American spiritual hymn. 

The Ghosts of Brandy Station, pt. 1 - Lauren cuts loose on this high energy self penned fiddle tune. 

The Ghosts of Brandy Station, pt. 2 - Taking inspiration from Lauren's fiddle tune, Jim uses the Civil War as a backdrop in relating the destruction of a pacifist family due to a war they didn't have a stake in. The embittered survivor reflects on his/her loss and prepares to move far away from it. 

Catch a Little Sunshine - How do you cope with cold, dreary, bleak winter days? Advice by Holly.

Catch Ya Later - A very uplifting, heartfelt and hopeful tribute to a friend who departed this life way too soon. Beautifully rendered by Lauren. 

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